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SFX Corporate has, for the past three years, been taking a leading role in terms of scoping and developing bespoke online IT applications for education. It has worked in partnership with colleges, including St Charles Sixth Form College in London and Lowestoft Sixth Form College to design and build a unique electronic student tracking system developed by Empresa Limited. SFX Corporate has partnerships with two specialist I.T. companies:

  • Empresa Limited – a highly successful I.T. solution provider (company website)
  • iDeaLogi Limited – a highly experienced bespoke education application developer (company website)

With the combination of our educational knowledge and technical expertise through our partnerships, SFX Corporate is therefore uniquely placed to offer a range of specialised services to institutions. The online products and services listed below have been developed, implemented and fully tested to ensure that they are fit-for-purpose and provide good value for money.
Please feel free to contact our Corporate Division for more information and a product demo.


Curriculum system

e-Student Tracker:


The e-StudentTracker is a web-based electronic portal that works with existing MIS systems to present managers, staff, learners and parents with a personalised user-friendly single point of access to the following:

• learners personal and academic data including course timetable and attendance records
• learner and staff tracking system with full search functionality, including staff access to individual learner records by subject, class or group information. Learners are able to track their own on-going performance against minimum target grades as well as aspirational grades.
• pastoral information with full messaging and tracking, including access for parents/guardians via a ‘parent portal’ and a specific module tracking students in receipt of learning support.
• class and homework assessment marks for both academic and vocational courses
• fully integrated electronic ILP system
• integrated access to College VLE with customised course options
• integrated learner reference system
• management console allowing access to monitor and review data at a variety of levels
• internal college calendar and fixed and rolling news bulletin
• fully configurable learner/staff survey system
• bespoke reporting

Visit the e-StudentTracker site:


Modules description

Dashboard (Central portal for staff, students and parents)

The dashboard is the customisable hub of e-ST (e-StudentTracker). Modules containing data tailored to the user can be positioned as desired via a drag-and drop interface. Data will include personal details, attendance and examination data, subject, pastoral and ILP reports, markbook, ALS and reference information.

Markbook (Recording and monitoring academic and vocational grades)

The Markbook module allows staff members to record homework assessment, examination and test marks for both academic and vocational courses. Teachers are able to track and monitor progress of individual students and groups by subject or topic. This is an excellent tool to monitor patterns of performance and where necessary implement early intervention strategies. It also empowers the department heads to monitor progress and performance of their curriculum areas. This information is available to staff and students via the dashboard interface.

Pastoral - Dynamic tracking and messaging

The Pastoral module allows for the monitoring of student progress, such as achievements and areas of concern, via a messaging and logging system populated via customisable forms. A particular important aspect is the pastoral log which brings together all information and comments regarding an individual learner in one place as a historical record.

Learner Support

This module provides information on key aspects related to the learner, such as the type of additional learning support received. It also stores information about medical history, Free College Meals and Bursary status and other welfare issues and allows these to be easily accessed and communicated on a ‘permissions basis’.

ILP (Individualised Learning Plan)

The ILP module allows for formal tracking of student progress against customisable targets set by learners or their teachers, the completion of bespoke forms, as well as pulling in other data such as markbook and attendance. At the end, a template report can be produced for sending home to parents or publishing via the parent portal

References (Student reference for HE or employment)

The References module provides a platform for students to complete their UCAS statements and for their subject teachers and personal tutors to complete their references.

Feedback (Online bespoke surveys)

The Feedback module allows for custom surveys to be created and sent to specific individuals or entire groups of students. The results of these surveys can be viewed in a graphical form but can also be easily reported on. The feedback module is fully compliant with Ofsted criteria regarding learner voice.

Reports (Links to existing MIS reports)

The Reports module allows for easy access to any reports you may already have set up through software such as SQL Reporting Services. Reports can combine information from all e-ST modules with information held elsewhere within college MIS systems.

Alerts - Quick messaging

The Alerts module allows for messages to be sent to specific individuals or entire groups of staff and students. This allows for providing quick updates to users, such as informing a class of students that their field trip has been rescheduled etc

Online student application system

Learner electronic application system with reporting

shutterstock_84634318The electronic student application (eApps) is a robust and highly efficient system which has been fully tested and refined in a live implementation. Since the move from paper based applications to eApps, SFX College has seen a significant rise in applications during a period of intense competition with a declining number of feeder schools and the growth of school sixth form and academy provisions. eApp is also now used by 2 Sixth Form and 1 FE College


Registration (Basic details capture)

An initial simple registration screen provides a quick capture of key information that the marketing and admissions team are able to use to identify applicants who have not proceeded with a full application. The system also provides a high level of security and conforms with all data protection requirements.
The registration validates postcodes and email addresses to avoid hoax postcode and email accounts.


Electronic application form

The application form is tailored to match the college’s existing application form and processes. The system allows for pre-populated data such as schools of origin and course/subject being offered at the college. A user friendly progress bar informs the applicant of the application status and ultimate completion.


Application update

The application update section keeps the applicant’s informed of the application progress subsequent to submitting the application. The applicant is also able to review whether the reference has been processed, the date and time of their interview and whether they have been offered the course/subject they have chosen.


Electronic reference management

Colleges can decide to opt for paper based or a full electronic referencing functionality, whereby the referee will receive notification of a reference request and will be asked to electronically return the reference to the college. The system allows for full tracking and monitoring of reference requests and received references.


Reporting (Live application status - management reporting)

The eApp admin panel allows live updates on the application position and provides a range of statistics presented in the form of table, charts and graphs. The system provides a useful like-for-like comparison between current recruitment as and against previous years.

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