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Senior Management Services

The SFX Corporate team provide senior management services and are highly experienced in all areas of management and leadership, including curriculum, administration, estates, MIS, ILT and information and communication technology. They are passionate about the need for strong leadership in education, in order to maximise the experience of learners and ensure that students secure excellent outcomes and quality progression routes. The SFX corporate team are also known for their commitment and integrity and as the testimonials section shows they have a track record of success and effective change management.
(The following section lists the core services provided by the team, however we are more than happy to discuss other services as well and if you are interested in working with SFX Corporate you are encouraged to call the Corporate Division to arrange a discussion)


EFA and SFA Funding Advice, Guidance and Support

For non MIS managers and non-technical curriculum leaders, understanding EFA and SFA funding rules can be complex and daunting. The funding methodology and the processes often change and can be difficult for non-trained managers with limited curriculum background to present to the senior management team. We are able to translate the funding changes, processes and methodology and contextualise these for your institution in a non technical way. Furthermore, we can also provide guidance and support to senior managers so that they have a clearer understanding on how the whole system works and provide suggestions on how funding streams can be maximised.

Area Reviews and Shared Services

The area review process is currently challenging institutions to think differently and look at alternative structures and systems to guarantee future curriculum quality and financial stability. SFX Corporate has already worked with a number of Sixth form and FE colleges in London and the South as they move through this complex process and is able to provide experience of the process as well as practical help and support in terms of option appraisal analysis and shared service possibilities.

Capital Grant and Funding Bids

Ensuring education institutions continue to invest in their estate is essential. To facilitate this development the government (EFA/SFA) periodically provides access for institutions to bid for various capital projects (for example the Condition Improvement Fund – CIF). Applying for capital grants is likely to be one of the key sources of funding to enhance the estate and the teaching and learning infrastructure. We are able to provide advice, guidance and support for all sizes of capital bid projects; from planning and scoping the bid through to advising on project management, should the grant be awarded. Applying for capital grants is a complex process and requires a combination of educational and technical knowledge, which is not always readily available to many institutions. We would provide support and expertise to compliment those of your own management team with a view to achieving the best possible outcome for your institution.

Procurement and Efficiency Savings Review and Planning

The college sector is currently operating in an environment of limited and decreasing resources. The opportunity to increase funds is also restricted by the challenges that institutions continue to face and the educational pressures on senior management teams to guarantee high quality outcomes. In this educational climate, all institutions need to review their current overheads and costs in order to reduce overall expenditure and make financial savings. We can provide a full efficiency savings review and can also advise institutions on where costs can be reduced further, through procurement or shared services possibilities. As educationalists however we understand that the quality of the teaching and learning experience is paramount and our review and recommendations are always delivered in this context.

MIS Process and Systems Review

There is no doubt that having the right Management Information System (MIS) or College/Computerised Information System (CIS) that supports the administrative and management needs of a college is essential. The MIS system feeds the Individual Learner Record (ILR), which the Education Funding Agency (EFA) or Skills Funding Agency (SFA) uses to calculate funding for the college. We are able to conduct a thorough review of the existing MIS/CIS systems at a college and make recommendations, which will provide senior managers with the ability to reflect on the effectiveness of existing MIS systems and processes. We will provide a comprehensive report and where necessary engage in future MIS procurement processes or act as advisors to the senior management board to facilitate positive change.

ICT, MLe and e-Learning Strategy Review

Investment in the most effective ICT infrastructure is increasingly essential for institutions. Effective ICT supports creative teaching and learning processes and the innovative use of e-Learning tools supplemented by the institutions ICT and MLE infrastructure, promotes successful outcomes. Understanding and translating ICT technology into a meaningful language for senior managers helps to shape the institutions strategic priorities. We believe that we are able to translate the institutions current position and future priorities and provide a clear vision of how the various ICT systems can evolve, or be modified and integrated, to maximise impact at all levels within your institution.

Technical ICT Support Team Skills Review, Recruitment and Training

It is critical that all institutions have the right structure and staffing capacity to manage their ICT infrastructure. Without these prerequisites institutions are liable to receive poor IT service for both management and teaching and learning, which materially impacts on outcomes at all levels. In addition institutions are also likely to suffer financial loss and receive poor value for money on what can be very significant capital investments. We provide a comprehensive support to the senior management team by providing a review of the capacity of the ICT and IT network departments and carrying out a skills gap analysis (management and technical). We are then able to make recommendations for improvements and efficiency gains. Our reports are always supported by a clear analysis of the impact of the IT structures on both the learners and the institution as a whole.

Professional Development Training: UCAS online application process

A one day course for sixth form teachers and advisers who need to increase confidence and competence in managing the UCAS application process. Send a delegate to an event held at SFX in London or our experienced practitioner / trainer can provide a bespoke session at your site.